Friday 14th April 2017

Today I began my transition back into work and back into my solo lifestyle here. I got up early and had breakfast at the villa then went into work. I got the last of the portals set up on Canvas, the online student support system, ready for their assignments and grades to be submitted. I also got ready for my interviews in the jail on Monday. At 11.30, I drove out of FAU down to the church where there was a Good Friday service today. It was simply a time of quiet reflection and prayer, with no specific input and communion was available for those who wanted it. It was very nice and peaceful, and I came back to campus feeling good.

I finished off the work I had to do and finally heard from Karen and Alan – they had arrived back in Edinburgh safely but then discovered the brakes on the car had seized and had to wait for the AA to come. That;s all that they needed after a 22 hour journey home.

I left FAU just after 3 and came back and packed most of my things into my bags, did all the rubbish and cleared up. Then I lay out in the sun and had a drink. There are now new people in the villa next door and they are using the pool a lot, so it is a good time for me to be departing. I had my dinner, went for a walk along the beach and then came back and prepared my lecture for Cincinnati next week and then did some work on editing my book chapter.

This was my last full day at the villa. Gino has said i can stay here all day tomorrow but I will probably leave sometime after lunch, returning back to my FAU apartment for the final phase of my Fulbright journey. 15 weeks have passed and only 3 more to go…

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