Friday 27th January 2017

Today I had a really good day. I began the day by going to the gym ad had a great workout. Then I went to work and worked on my class for next week and on getting some more data collection appointments sorted. Things are starting to come together and I now have some interviews scheduled with police and with other professional groups next week. I had coffee with my colleague Lisa Dario and we talked about some really exciting new research ideas we might do together – looking at police use of Tasers and the use of yoga in rehabilitation programmes in the USA. She also pointed me towards the highest ranking criminology journals in the USA, and so I am beginning to get a better picture of where to direct my work to expand my presence in the USA academic context.

I skyped Karen and Alan and then drove up to West Plam Beach to visit the Girls and Boys Club of Palm Beach County. Th Director was not there but I spoke to the secretary and she told me some information about the programmes they offer. The offices are set in a really lovely backdrop surrounded by greenery and a lake. John had invited me to go and have dinner at his and Evelyn’s in Palm Beach Gardens so I went about bought some whisky and wine for them, went into Dunkin Donuts in Palm Beach County and did a full read of my draft second chapter of my book over coffee – it’s almost finished and I felt pleased with that.

I then drove five minutes along the road to John and Evelyn’s house – it was so nice to be back there again. It is set within such a picturesque and beautiful backdrop. Even the music that plays in the house is so relaxing – artists such as Carol Kidd, Enya and Eva Cassiday. We had gin cocktails which were wonderful and appetisers sitting in the porch at the back overlooking the lake, and then dinner and a movie — the new film with George Cloonie and Julie Roberts (Money Monster). It was a really nice evening.

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