Fulbright scholarship

This is the first of my blogs that I will be posting most days while on the Fulbright scholarship.

Today was a really terrific day, the second day that I spent settling in to my new Florida location and residing at the home of John and Evelyn Smykla at Palm Beach Gardens area. They have been the most amazing hosts and have really helped me to settle in in the best possible way. John and I began the day by filling out and scanning the last of the Fulbright paperwork that was required to confirm that I have arrived and will begin my scholarship this week.

Today John and Evelyn’s friends Gary and Joan were visiting from Kansas. Gary has been involved in the student exchange programme with UWS for many years along with John and I remember meeting him one of the times he visited Scotland. We took John’s boat out on the water and sailed from his home across the Intercoastal Bay. There were some amazing views. I saw some water turtles, beautiful lush green scenery and houses with their own private beaches. This is how the other half live! We got off and had lunch at a nice restaurant surrounded by green foliage and looking out onto the water. The temperature was in the 70s today! We then sailed back and I took the wheel for a while, steering the boat across the water. What an amazing experience! Then we went back to Joh and Evelyn’s house for dinner. Gary and Joan left for their time share apartment around 7pm.

The last couple of days have been really great and have helped me to settle in. I have so enjoyed being at John and Evelyn’s and enjoyed the great views and the comfort of their home. Tomorrow I will move into my apartment in Boca Raton.

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