Interviews and Presentations

Interview with Lisa Cherry, Trauma Recovery Resilience – ‘Is there a link between gang membership and school exclusion? How can meditation disrupt violence?’



Video blog for MyPov Online – ‘Masculinity and Young Men’s Mental Health’


Seminar on Breathing, Mediation and Yoga to Prevent Offending at Scottish Parliament, sponsored by Rona MacKay MSP, with members of Danish Breathe Smart programme.


Gangs and Spirituality book launch

Young People and Social Control book launch

Below is a slide show from the book launch

 ‘In conversation’ with Ross Deuchar

Deuchar talks to his colleague Valerie Will about his experiences of conducting qualitative research interviews.

Pugilism, Transitional Masculinities and Criminal Desistance

Deuchar talks about one of his most recent research projects, conducted in Denmark.

Policing Youth Violence : Promotional Video

Britain’s Crime Capitals – Glasgow

Visit to Children’s Parliament

“I believe that positive and supportive early intervention is the key to preventing our young people from drifting into crime. This project is a fantastic example of the kind of projects that are most effective”.

Visit to Children’s Parliament, Papier Mache Week: 28th October – 1st November 2013

Policing Youth Violence book launch

Below is a slideshow of images from the book launch.

Cincinnati visit

An interview with Ross Deuchar about the CIRV programme on the Local 12 News, Cincinnati, Ohio, May 2012. 

Reporting Scotland – Gang Violence

Ross Deuchar gives his views on the nature and impact of gang violence in Glasgow on ‘Reporting Scotland’, 2010.

Recent Presentations and Talks:

Deuchar, R. (2018) The relationship between stop and search, procedural justice and police-youth relationships: Insights from ethnographic research in Scotland, Being There: Ethnography and the Study of Policing Conference, University of Liverpool, 18-19 January.

Deuchar, R., Densley, J., Johnson, A., Rigby, M. and Maruna, S. (2017) Disengagement from gangs: The role of religion and spirituality. Panel presentation at American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, USA, 15-18 November.

Deuchar, R., Fallik, S., Stenning, P. and Fildes, A. (2017) Procedural justice in policing: Problems, prospects and critical perspectives. Panel presentation at European Society of Criminology, 13-16 September, University of Cardiff.

Deuchar, R., Weide, R., Densley, J., Pyrooz, D. and Carlsson, C. (2016) Global perspectives on gangs, violence and desistance. Panel presentation at American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting, New Orleans, USA, 16-19 November.

Deuchar, R. (2016) Placing a Foucualdian lens on young people, policing and procedural justice. Foucault @ 90 Conference, University of the West of Scotland, 22nd June.

Deuchar, R. (2015) Scottish youth gangs, territoriality and street violence: Insights from a decade of working with young male offenders. International Conference on Outreach Work, City University of Hong Kong, 3-5 December.

Deuchar, R.Søgaard, T. F. , Mørck, L. L. and Celosse-Andersen, M. (2015) Masculinity, gangs, violence and desistance journeys: Creative qualitative research approaches and fieldwork partnerships in Northern Europe. Ethnic Minority Youth: Drugs, Gangs and Street Life Conference, University of Aarhus, 29 September – 1 October.

Deuchar, R. and Lerche Mørck, L.  (2015) Young offenders, spiritual journeys and criminal desistance in Denmark and Scotland: Journal of Youth Studies Conference, 30 March – 1 April.