Jono Beach

Saturday 21st january 2017:

This morning I got up early and went to a yoga class just 5 minutes away from campus – it was the wife of the guy who took the class last week who led this morning’s session and it was a good start to the weekend. Then I drove back to the apartment to get changed and then called the owner of the cottage where my mum and sister will stay to see if I could see round it – she arranged to meet me there at 10.30 so I drive round and met her at the front entrance. The cottage looked great – a large garden, nice quiet neighbourhood and three bedrooms – all very bright and nicely decorated.

Then I drove to Delray Beach and went to the Original Pancake House for breakfast – it was great – I had pancakes, eggs and bacon and lots of coffee re-fills!

Then I decided I wanted to go the beach for the afternoon and thought i would go up towards where John and Evelyn stay since I remembered the nice beaches that Evelyn had shown me there. However I ended up going even further than that on the Interstate, coming off at junction 79 and weaving my way round to Ocean Drive. Eventually I found my way to Jono Beach which is just north of Palm Beach Gardens – a really stunning beach, with a long platform going out into the sea for walkers and a some beautiful views of the ocean. I lay on the beach for a quite q while then took a walk along the sea shore. Where i was lying I could hear the entire conversation of an older couple who were sitting close by and sounded as if they may have come from New York – it was quite entertaining for nosy fold like me!

I eventually went back to the car park at 5 and drove back down to Boca Raton – it was a really picturesque drive, as sunset was coming in. It took me just under an hour to get back.

I attempted to find some good TV to watch in the evening but failed miserably – I only have 3 channels on the TV and none of them very good this evening! So I passed the time by drinking several gins and tonic!

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