Monday 1st May 2017

I got up and went to the gym this morning, and then came back and went into work for 9.30. Today was a day when I began the process of winding things up which involved engaging in some challenging systems once again … I had to try and get my profile on the university payroll system changed to ensure my final payment comes as a cheque to Scotland and this involved visiting the help desk, then payroll. Once they had changed my passwords and changed the payment system from direct payment to the bank to cheque payment, I then had to go back to the office to change my address on the system. I also visited the bank and began to withdraw cash so that the account winds down, but need to keep some of it topped up to pay my final car payment on Sunday. Then I visited housing to see why the payment for my apartment still has not come off my bank account. After waiting for a while I managed to see the woman who is in charge of student housing who assured me the payment should come off in the next day or two. After all this was done I was pretty spent!

I finished off some work I had to do, skyped home and then met Adam to go for a meal in Glades Road – we went to a local sports bar there and had a couple of beers and a meal. I wanted to thank Adam for all the support he has given me in opening up doors in the Port St Lucie sheriff’s office and to give him a blow by blow account of my visit to the shooting range and my afternoon working with the gang unit on Friday. He was very interested and impressed with how much access they had given me.

I came back to the apartment and finished off some work and got ready for faculty coming tomorrow evening for drinks. Tomorrow is my birthday and it will be a very strange one for me, being away from home and family.

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