Monday 20th March 2017

Today I left the villa early, at 7.25 pm and drive to FAU arriving there around 7.35 or so. The car park was quiet and it was easy to get a space. I worked all morning on student assessments and on preparing exam questions and marking criteria for my module. I saw one or two colleagues but it was mostly quiet this morning. I had a Skype call to UWS at 11.30 to engage in a mock viva for one of my students, Robert. It was good to see my colleagues there in Ayr.

I left the office at 1.50pm, drove around to Publix and got a few groceries and then went back to the villa and had lunch. Karen and Alan and I then played in the pool and went into the jakuzzi which was fun (Alan loved it!) Later, I went for a walk to the beach and then we had dinner in the villa and then watched TV and read.

These early morning shifts are how I am intending to structure my days while Karen and Alan are here so that I can get back in the afternoons whenever possible. The sun is still shining although the temperature is lower than it was but still very warm. The villa and the views outside are lovely and will be even better once Gino next door moves his huge boat to go on a cruise around the Bahamas. He gave me a bottle of red wine from his bar tonight which is supposed to be really nice. He certainly has a great lifestyle – he owns two boats, a sports car, a large truck and all three of these villas on the block where we are staying!

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