Monday 27th February 2017

Today I went to the gym first thing in the morning and had a good workout and was talking to my two pals, Charlie and Pete. They were wondering what had happened to me because I hadn’t been there since last Wednesday.

I got into work just after 9 and did a lot of work on my field notes, my class and my forthcoming spring colloquium in FAU to take place on 13 March. I had lunch from the Breezeway cafes and worked on until about 5.15pm.  I also skyped home and spoke to Karen and Alan.

I went back and had my dinner and then drove down the yoga class – it was a really great class this evening, very physically demanding and made me feel great. I then went back to the apartment and did some work reading one of my student’s PhD thesis and some more work on my spring colloquium.

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