Monday 27th March 2017

Today I began the day by going to the gym and then went up to West Palm Beach to do interviews in the county jail. This was a very interesting experience and helped me to get a wider picture on the causes nature and impact of gang culture and violence in the county and the experiences these guys have had with the police.

It was interesting to get a first glimpse inside the jail although my interviews were conducted in meeting rooms on the ground floor so I did not get up to see the cells. However, I will be going with other FAU colleagues on 17th April for a full tour of the jail so will see more then. I met with Captain Tutko who helped me to set up the interviews and the Sheriff corrections officers who are great big guys who wear all the cool gear – sheriff seat tops, kakis and armed with tasers and pepper spray. It is quite a different picture to the prisons in Scotland! I got to chat them for a while about their jobs and about the type of offenders they have in the jail -all very interesting!

I drove back down the road and had a stiff gin in the villa! Karen and Alan had been shopping today and this evening we booked a trip to Key West for 3-4 April.

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