Monday 30th January 2017

This morning I started the day by going to the gym and training as usual. I have now started to get to the know some of the guys in the gym and have now also signed up for a 4 month membership – this includes one personal training session which I don’t really want but need to have so I have arranged that for Saturday.

I then drove up the West Palm Beach police department and met with Sgt Nealy again I did a full interview with him and with three other officers about the gang issues and the policing approaches and interventions and the impact they are having. It was very interesting to hear their perspectives on all of this, and particularly interesting was the one interview I conducted with an African American young officer who grew up in the neighbourhood and so has a real insight into the issues that young people and families face.

I then went round to one of the local youth outreach programmes to interview a guy who also grew up in the community and now devotes his life to trying to get these guys into education and employment. It was also a very interesting interview. I then left WPB and drive back to Boca Raton where I managed to sit out at the pool to catch the last hour of sunshine before then going upstairs to have my meal and to do some more work on my book and on preparing my class.

Another day over and tomorrow is the end of January already!



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