Saturday 15th April 2017

Today was my final day in the villa. I went out for a jog and then a final walk across the beach, then came back and got ready and went to the i-Hop for breakfast where I also skyped home. I came back and packed everything up and checked that everything was out of the villa and said my goodbyes.

The car was loaded full to the brim with my two bags and all the bags of food from the fridge and freezer. When i arrived at FAU it took me about 6 or 7 trips up in the lift to get everything unpacked. I got everything into the cupboards, unpacked and settled back into the apartment.

I sat out at the pool for a while, then came back and skyped my mum and had a good chat. Then i had steak for my dinner which karen had got for me from Aldi – it was delicious! I then spent the rest of the evening working on my laptop and having a glass of wine or two.

It is quite nice being back into my regular routine here now. I am looking forward to being back in what is the closest thing to what I can regard as my ‘own bed’ tonight!

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