Saturday 18th February 2017

Today I went for a morning run around the campus and then got ready and went for breakfast at the Original Pancake House – my Saturday morning treat! I then drove to Walmart and bought some beach shorts and then went back to campus.

I spent a couple of hours working on editing the latest chapter in my book, since I am conscious that I have a busy week ahead and wont have too much time on it in the days to come. It was quite cloudy today in any case so not really a day for the sunshine. I then got ready and drove to the house of one of my colleagues, Sigal Altman, who was hosting a social event this evening from 5pm. Sigal is in the office next door to me and is such a nice person and a great colleague. She is originally from Venizuela, with her parents originating in Israel. she and her husband Brian, who is a professional tennis pro, live in Boynton Beach just up the coast. There were lots of people there from work – John, Lincoln, Vaugh, Cassandra, Lisa and their partners and Vaugn also had his kids with him. It was great to meet Sigal’s parents who are so nice and were so excited to meet me, having travelled around Scotland last autumn going to Edinburgh and up to Inverness. I had a good political discussion with her dad about Brexit and Scottish independence! I also met Sigal’s husband who is a great laugh and his mother who was also there. It was a very sociable occasion, and lots of nice food. I commented on how great I think it is that all of the staff socialise together and they all know each other’s partners and families. I think that is a really good way to create a really collaborative and supportive work ethos, and ensures that the job does not become too serious all the time. I am so grateful to be part of the Criminology and Criminal Justice ‘family’ at FAU, even for just a short while.

I left around 8.30 and drove back down the road.

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