Saturday 22nd April 2017

This morning we all got up at 6am and had a quick coffee and scone and then Paula drove us downtown to look for my mural again. We took one drive to the exact spot that Dan had said the mural was at, and realised that it had been painted over – there is now a brand new mural where the stop the violence sign once was! We then drove on to the airport, and I said my goodbyes to Frank and Paula who have been so kind to me and are such great people.

I had breakfast in the airport at MacDonald’s and then my flight was on time. I arrived back in Fort Lauderdale about 11.40am and had a while to wait for a shared taxi. Eventually I got one at 12.40pm and shared with 3 other passengers. I got dropped off at FAU at 1.30, got back to my apartment and unpacked and had lunch.

Today was the Owl’s spring practice game where people can come into the stadium for free and so the whole campus was full of cars and loads of people about. Bruce from the School and his wife and their friends had set up a tailgate party across from the stadium with margaritas and lots of burgers, chicken and various other barbecue food. I joined them for a while and had some food. I then drove to Aldi and got some groceries, drove back and had my dinner and then had a couple of gins and tonics while I did some work on my laptop in the evening.

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