Saturday 25th March 2017

Today I went out out for a run and a walk along the beach before breakfast. It was really lovely walking along the beach which was totally deserted at that time. we had breakfast and then I had a shower and went outside for a while. It was cloudy and rainy on and off but also sunny at times too. Karen and Alan and I managed to play in the pool for a while, then had a late lunch before getting ready to go to Hollywood, which is on the road to Miami, in time for Lincoln from work’s wedding reception.

we got there at 6.30 and Karen and Alan finally got to meet all the Faculty. – the Smyklas and all my good colleagues from the school. We sat with John and Evelyn and also with Adam, and most of the other staff were there too, including Vaughn who was Lincoln’s best man. It was a nice ceremony and there was food there too. Alan was a little bit bored to begin with but came round and was OK as time went on. Lincoln and Vanessa looked great and took their wedding vows during the reception, a nice touch being that the both had to pour different coloured sand into a bowl – the sand represented their two lives and once mixed up the bowl, illustrated that just like the sand grains can never be separated again so is the case in marriage. ¬†Vaughn made a really good speech and it was a really nice event.

Karen and Alan will get a further opportunity to meet everyone when we have Faculty round to our villa on 7th April, and John Evelyn are also coming round this Tuesday.

We left around 9.45 and got back around 11, having stopped on the way to get pizza for Alan from Pizzahut!


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