Saturday 28th January 2017

Today I got up around 8am and went for a short jog around the complex where John and Evelyn stay – it is so beautiful there and I enjoyed the views of the marina across from where their house is again. It is such a peaceful and relaxing place. I came back and had a shower and Evelyn went out to her pilates class and John made breakfast – a really great plate of scrambled eggs and peppers, veggie sausages tobacco sauce, toast and a side plate of fruit, orange juice and coffee. All eaten sitting on the terrace overlooking the large lake behind their house – just wonderful!

I left John’s house about 10am and drove down to Palm Lakes where I stopped off to go the large mall there where there is an Old Navy store which I always like. I bought some new jeans, chinos, shorts and tops and a pair of sandshoes. I then drove back to Boca Raton and went to the Hertz rental place and returned my car and took it out again for another 10 days – just long enough until I have my bank card and can book a long-term rental with State employee rates which will be cheaper.

I drove back to the apartment and unloaded all my stuff. I called home and spoke to Karen and Alan for a while – they seem to be getting on OK, but it was strange to see Karen in a heavy wooly and to hear that it is 4 degrees in Glasgow — I am beginning to take this weather I have here in Florida for granted and forget that everyone back home is still suffering the misery of a Scottish January.  I then took off for Highland Beach and had a drive-through lunch on the way. I drove past where we are going to be staying and tried to find a place to park to onto the beaches in the Delray Sands area which look lovely. However, it seems that you can only park on the road beside the beaches if you have plenty of quarters to put into the meters – which I didn;t have. I drove back to Spanish Avenue Beach and parked there – I still had to pay but at leas the machines there take dollar bills. It seems that the entire area down on the coast in Boca require you to pay – there are no free beach car parks like the one I found last week in Jupo. This is possibly to ensure that it is mainly local residents who use the beaches and to keep it more exclusive.

I spent a couple of hours on the Spanish River Beach – it was very sunny and I was even in the sea for a while since it was a lot stiller than last weekend. However, coming off of the beach I could feel the temperature had dropped and I think it is to be colder and wet tomorrow.

I came back and had my tea and then tried to go the cinema to see Patriot’s Day – the story of the police response to the Boston Marathon terrorist attack in 2013. However, it was sold out but at least I know where the cinema is now (just 5 minutes drive from where i am) and I bought a ticket for tomorrow evening instead. Ed Davis, who was the Police commissioner in Boston at the time of the attack, will present a public lecture at FAU on its Jupiter campus next Thursday. John is introducing him and fielding questions after the lecture, and as a Faculty we are all attending. So it will be good to see the film before I attend the lecture.

Another good day today.



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