Saturday 29th April 2017

After all the adrenaline rush of yesterday’s testosterone- fuelled day with the cops at the range and then out on patrol, I was tired and suffering from an adrenaline dump today! I went for a run in the morning, then got ready and went to i-Hop for breakfast. I then went shopping for crisps, juices, cheeses etc for faculty coming over to my apartment on Tuesday and for the students on wednesday as well as some final groceries for myself from Aldi and Walmart.

I drove back, had some lunch and lay out at the pool for a while. Then I got ready and drove up to Palm Beach Gardens to go to John and Evelyn’s – they had invited me to come to a surprise party for their daughter in law who has just graduated with her Masters degree. It was a very nice veining where I met the Smyklas’ son for the first time, saw their grandchildren again and met lots of their son and daughter in law’s friends. I had a good chat with one of the guys, Stephan, about the way in which standards with ¬†spelling and grammar have diminished and with another guy Bodi about the issues that lead disadvantaged young people into crime. ¬†He is an African American teacher in schools and used to play basketball and is about 6’7″ tall. we have connected on Facebook and will stay in touch. The Smyklas had prepared lots of nice food for a buffet.

I left about 9pm and drove back down the road.

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