Sunday 16th April 2017

Easter Sunday has arrived and it was a strange feeling today at some points to be spending it here on my own. But I had a reasonably good day. I went for a run around the campus in the morning and then came back to my apartment, had breakfast and got ready and went to church. I was unsure what to expect today – I normally look forward so much to East Sunday services in St Paul’s and I knew that the service in Boca Raton Community Church would be somewhat different from those.

When I arrived it was even busier than usual, and the place was packed. The 11am service was the second service that had taken place, with an earlier one at 9am. The format was quite similar to the regular services are except that today the cross on the stage had been covered up with a large screen that projected images of sunrises, and the light and hope associated with Easter morning. The band played a couple of more traditional easter hymns and the sermon by Pastor Bill was shorter than usual, following a longer period of singing. It was all very nice.

I left and went and got gas for the car in Glades Road and then went back to my apartment for lunch. I then drove down to Aldi to get some groceries (I needed coffee, yoghurts and potatoes etc) but it was closed for Easter Sunday – so I drove back along the road and went to Walmart instead (sorry Karen, but at least I saved some cash by not going to Publix!)

I came back to the apartment, sat in the sun for a while at the pool until the rain came on. I then went back upstairs and made dinner – tonight, i had tuna steaks with potatoes and broccoli. i then spend the evening doing some work, ironing a few things and having a bath. It’s amazing how much bigger and better the bathroom is in this apartment than the awful ones we had in the villa which were tiny and had no bath.

Tomorrow I go for a tour around the jail with colleagues from FAU and also get to do some some interviews with inmates.

Happy Easter everyone!

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