Sunday 19th February 2017

Today I began the day be going to the church that I have been enjoying being a part of so much – Boca Raton Community Church. As always the hymns were rousing and the preaching was inspiring. Today there were around what looked like 70-80 students who are young people attached the church, in the congregation. The youth pastor delivered part of the message. Again it occurred to me that it would be amazing if we could attract this many young people into our churches in Scotland.

I left and came back and had lunch then spent most of the afternoon working – I wanted to progress my latest book chapter and do more work on my class. The book chapter is almost ready, just needing some edits, pruning and reference list added – and i figured it would be good to progress it further this weekend so that I can have time with my mum and sister next weekend. I skyped home and then went out to the pool for an hour before dinner. After dinner more work on the chapter and I also managed to clean the apartment a little today and do some washing.

This week is a busy week with lots of fieldwork ahead – and then the arrival of my mum and sister on Thursday. It will be good to have some of my own family around.

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