Sunday 19th Nov 2017

One final blog entry before I go home! Today I got up and went for a quick jog around the block and then back to my hotel room to pack up. I left my bag in the hotel and went to iHop for breakfast. A lovely day in Philly today – cold but sunny, and probably the clearest and sunniest day there has been this past week. I went for a wander around the downtown area, where I saw a skating rink and some market stalls gearing for Christmas – it seems to arrive in a  big way here even before Thanksgiving.

I walked back to the hotel district and went into Dunkin’ Donuts where I sat and did work on my laptop. Currently, I am back in the hotel lobby waiting for my cab to the airport for a 6.35pm flight home via Heathrow.

It has been a great trip – I have had a bit of a cold virus the whole week, but I have not let it spoil my time here, and now beginning to feel better. It’s been nice to meet up with so many friends and form new collaborations as well as attending so many stimulating sessions at ASC and also seeing some of the sights of Philly.

I’m now looking forward to developing further papers with James Densley and Simon Harding, a planned research council funding application with them next year and developing some addition grant proposals with Lisa Dario. And I intend to join the ASC Division of Policing, and to keep in touch with so many of the new people I met here this year.

And of course, I’m also looking forward to going home and seeing my family  …

‘Till next time …


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