Sunday 26th February 2017

Today I went out for a quick jog around the neighbourhood and then I took my mum to Boca Raton Community Church to experience the service there. I think she quite enjoyed it although perhaps found that it was a somewhat over-exuberant ethos! Bob, who has been so kind to me during my trip and who leads the study group on a wednesday evening, was on stage today with pupils from the Christian school and it was interesting to hear about the work they are involved in there.

We then went back to the cottage and collected Lyn and Drew and drove around to the Original Pancake house and had brunch. Afterwards we went back to the cottage and enjoyed the sunshine for a while. Lyn and Drew left to go to Fort Lauderdale, and I went back to my apartment. I did some work, had my dinner and then worked some more on my class for this week and on my lecture I am giving in Washington DC next week.

Time for another week to begin after a few days off spent with family…

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