Sunday 26th March 2017

Today I had more confusion with time differences. y iPhone had automatically changed time to the new UK time after the Uk clocks went forward last night so I got up an hour earlier than I needed to and arrived at the church one hour too early< having left Karen and Alan in the villa asleep. However, it was quite lucky because I had also forgotten it was mother’s day (it is not celebrated here until May) so I went to Publix to get some flowers, chocolate and wine for Alan to give to Karen, then went back to the church in time for 10.30!

The service was really great and Pastor Bill gave a really good sermon. I missed not being there last week! The church has been a real source of support for me while I have been here. Karen and Alan are going to come with me next week and experience the evangelistic approach!

After I got back we drove into Boynton Beach and went for lunch to a Texas steakhouse which was an All American place, with basketball and football showing on every screen and huge steaks and a range of memorabilia from Texas. We left there, came back to the villa and I slept for about two hours I was so exhausted after a late evening last night and being up an hour too early this morning!

Early evening, I went out for a stroll along the beach, Karen and Alan watched a movie after tea and I did some work on my laptop.

Tomorrow I finally get to interview some gang members in the Palm Beach county jail.

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