Sunday 7th May 2017

Today I edged closer to the end of my time here … I went to Denny’s for a final breakfast then on to Boca Raton Community Church for a final visit there for the Sunday morning service. The church has been such a feature of my time here and it was strange to think back to the very first Sunday on 8th January when I went there for the first time and experienced the high energy and uplifting service that takes place there.  Now I am used to it; although it has been a very enriching experience being part of it, there is a big part of me that is so looking forward to getting back to St Paul’s and to Fergus’s preaching. I said my farewells to Pastor Bill at the end, to Bob who has been so kind to me and to Roger on the way out of the door.

I went straight to the car hire company and returned my car. At the end of the process they asked me about what I had thought of the service I had received and if there was anything they could have done differently. I was quite direct in telling them my opinion about one or two things but then it was time to move on! John met me there and we went back to FAU and brought down all my boxes and bags from the apartment into the boot of his car. I checked out, and had a final look around and then we left and drove up to Palm Beach Gardens. we stopped off at a chocolate store for me to buy some chocolates for faculty and then went  to the Smykas.

I called American Airlines to see about booking two extra bags on the flight home. I was told it would cost 100 dollars for the first bag and 200 dollars for the second one. I decided that this was something  I was not prepared to pay so spend the next 2 hours opening up all my bags, selecting items I could throw away (including a pair of old trainers, old socks and lots of paperwork that I reckoned I could live without) and reducing the contents considerably , so that I now only have one additional bag.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening playing with John and Evelyn’s grandchildren who were here overnight. We played  in the pool and I taught their granddaughter how to play Marco Polo. She then created a fashion show for us with all her toys, and once they had got settled into watching some movies on their iPads John, Evelyn and I had cocktails and a lovely dinner.

As I enter week 19 here tomorrow is my final day before I fly home.

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