Sunday 8th January 2017:

Today the sun was back and I got up and had a run and then drove to Boca Raton Community Church to see if I might like to go there on a regular basis while here. I was completely amazed at what I found. I was welcomed and greeted very warmly at the door, and walked in to the church to discover there were hundreds of people there in the congregation – families arriving with children, lots of people of all age groups. The service was so uplifting – rousing hymns led by the praise band followed by a really powerful sermon that explore the tragic events in Fort Lauderdale this week, given by Bill Mitchell the resident preacher. I spoke to Bill at the end and he was so pleased to hear that I had come all the way from Scotland and encouraged me to join one of the community groups while I am here. I came out feeling so uplifted – if only we could get that amount of people going into our churches in Scotland every week …

The rest of the day today was spent at the laptop in my apartment, preparing the full syllabus of what I will be teaching – beginning on Wednesday. That was interspersed by two visits to the local malls to get extra things – both times I got completely lost on the way back in to the campus, which is a huge place and is a bit of nightmare to navigate your way around! I suppose it will just take time to get used to.

I also visited a local gym this evening Рit is a huge place and by the looks of the clientele it is a pretty serious  bodybuilding joint. I think I will wait until Tuesday and then try it out, as I am desperate to get back training.

Tomorrow is my first day at FAU so it should be an eventful one.

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