Thursday 13th April 2017

Today we all got up and Karen and Alan got their bags together and we set off at 10.30 for breakfast. We went to Denny’s – where w3e had gone on the very first day of them being here, and it was hard to believe that 4 weeks had passed since then. We had a nice breakfast together and Alan was carrying on as usual, making us laugh. I felt a tension t6hat had been building up for days, in anticipation of them leaving and when we got outside to say our goodbyes it came to the surface and it was a very teary farewell on my part. Alan of course found this very funny! As they got into the car and drove away I walked out onto the pavement and waved them goodbye and then tried to pull myself together! I went back to the villa, picked up some stuff and headed to FAU to get on with the remaining part of my scholarship period.

I spent the afternoon in the office, finalising student grades and working on some reading I had to do. I left at 5 and drove back, had my tea quickly and then went to my yoga class which was so good and relaxing – I have missed doing these classes. I came back and finished some work on my laptop.

Well, it is now back to my solitary life … I must admit it is strange being in the villa on my own – I will be here till Saturday and then will move back to FAU.

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