Thursday 23rd March 2017

I managed to get to the gym this morning and did a good workout before going into work. I worked on completing the last of the proofs for my new book ‘Young People and Social Control’ which will be released by Palgrave MacMillan towards the beginning of this summer. My co-author is Professor Kalwant Bhopal from the University of Birmingham and we are both really excited about the book – it’s great to see the final proofs coming together after having completed the majority of the writing of it in 2016. We hope to have a launch of the book in a few months’ time. The book features illustrations from my research with disadvantaged young people caught up in the criminal justice system in Scotland and Kalwant’s research with ethnic minority young people in schools and in universities in England. We include a range of case studies of good practice where the barriers to social justice are broken down. The book will have an interesting and unusual front cover which we hope will attract attention on book shelves …

After this I also completed the first full draft of chapter 4 of my next book, ‘Gangs and Spirituality’, which is due to be completed by the beginning of 2018, and again for Palgrave MacMillan. I am right on track in terms of completing the chapters for this and it has been good to be able to fit in the writing of 3 chapters while I have been here, in among all the other things I have been doing.

I then left to go to West Palm Beach to complete my focus groups with the kids in the Boys and Girls’ Club of Palm Beach County. I got some really good insights into the young people’s views on life in their neighbourhoods, on the police and on the impact that the club has on them. I got back to the villa after 6, and there was a big storm (it has been grey and wet most of the day). Karen and Alan had spent some of the day doing Alan’s homework but had been unable to get out beyond that. Let’s hope the weather improves for the weekend again.

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