Thursday 26th January 2017

Today I walked round to the office just before 8am. I did some more work on my field notes from yesterday’s ride along and then Miss Audrey, the School secretary came along to my office with a letter – at last it was my social security card arriving! i then was able to go over to the bank and set up a bank account. After a little bit of toing and froing (they needed my full residential address and not the school office address so I had to call John to get the name of the street and to see if he could find out my mail box number) I finally managed to get my bank account set up – and will receive my bank card in 7 days. Meantime I have now deposited my cheque from Fulbright and can start accessing money!

John and I then met and walked over to the College of Education building. we had scheduled a meeting with the education staff there so that could explore, as part of my Assistant Dean responsibilities in UWS, the possibility of student mobility opportunities and student recruitment within education. I met with the Director of the department of Special Education and the Director of the Department of Teaching and Learning was also there remotely via WebEx. We chatted about new possibilities for early childhood studies students from UWS to come and do some visits to FAU and visit nurseries here and perhaps also BA Education students – with potential for FAU students to do some exchanges and come to Scotland. we also talked about the possibility of a shared Masters module where students from both universities could study together, partly online and face to face, with student visits also built in. These were exciting possibilities, and the next stage will be to arrange a Skype meeting with some of my colleagues in UWS to join in on this discussion in February. It was strange being back in education, having spent the last month in Criminal Justice – almost naturally, I went back into my Assistant Dean role and I enjoyed having these discussions.

After this it was time for me to go back into the world of criminal justice and a drive back up to West Palm Beach – this time to meet Lieutenant Terence Carn who is based in the Pam County Sheriff’s office and is in charge of the gangs unit for the whole county. As a relatively young black officer, it was very interesting to chat to him informally and hear his perspective on some of the issues related to gangs, the attitudes of young men towards the police and the cultural issues that prevent them from ever ‘snitching’. He also talked to me informally about the enforcement strategies in place. This provided an additional, wider insight into some of the strategies I already heard about in west palm Beach yesterday.

I returned back to FAU at 5.30 and skyped home just in time to say goodnight to Karen and Alan. Another busy day and time for an early night!

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