Thursday 30th March 2017

This morning I got up and went for a run outside then went for a walk along the beach which was totally deserted. Then went back and had breakfast at the villa – the views are amazing now fro here, now that Gino is away to the Bahamas and his boat no linger blocks the view of the bay. We got ready and then we all went to Boynton Beach to go to Toys R Us to see if Alan could get Star Wars figures ,but they didn’t have the ones he wanted so we need to order them online.

We went from there to a place for lunch which has a large buffet. It was full of seniors who looked like they could be ‘snow birds’ and we were even asked on the way in if we were seniors! The food was Ok but not great – the best part of it was the sweets. I think I enjoyed them better than Alan – I had blueberry pie, ice cream, some marshmallows and chocolate, and chocolate fudge. I could hardly move afterwards, having also had some salad and then a plate of turkey, a small burger and some macaroni and cheese and corn on the cob. Karen and Alan didn;t really enjoy it that much – I didn’t think it was the best but still enjoyed it!

Afterwards we went back to the villa and sat in the sun, had time in the hot tub and had some drinks. After tea I drove round to FAU to print out some vouchers for us to use from Groupon to go on a riverboat cruise and also to go to a restaurant called The Griddle. I came back just after 9 and read for a while before bed. Alan was on the computer but I managed to grab it from him long enough to do my blog!

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