Thursday 4th May 2017

Today I got up feeling out of sorts, and as if I am coming down with some type of cold or sore throat. I decided to go to the gym and do a workout anyway and actually felt a bit better afterwards. I went into work and spent the morning packing up everything in my office into one of my bags, taking down the posters etc. I then left to go and meet Captain Robert Tutko from the county jail who had asked me to go for lunch with him. Unfortunately when I was driving out of my space in the car park I scraped into the bumper of the car next to me and smashed the glass on my front headlamp and scraped the paintwork on the bumper of the other car. That threw me into a panic because I was running late for my lunch appointment and had no way of contacting the guy, so I took the registration number go the car, called the FAU police and told them what had happened. I went to lunch in the Olive Garden and met the Captain and his friend, who is a retired captain. A nice lunch but I could;t really focus on anything until i got the car incident addressed.

I left the Olive Garden and drove back to campus, went to the police department and an officer came out to assist me. I had gone back and taken a photo of the car and the staff pass in the windscreen, and She radioed through to get someone to contact the owner who they could identify from the pass number. I drove round to the car park and the officer followed me, by which time the owner was there – a young female intern who works at FAU. I apologised to her profusely but she said it was completely fine and no need to do anything about it. I was relieved and thanked her and the officer, as I had had visions of insurance companies having to get involved and police reports written. I then drove the car hire rental company and told them what had happened. They explained that the cost of the smashed light will be billed to FAU’s insurance company since the car was booked using their discount rate. I called John Smykla and confessed to him what had happened and offered to reimburse the costs – he said he will wait till the bill comes in and if it is low enough then FAU should be able to cover it. What a day!

I needed to recover from all this so I went back the apartment and sat in the sun for an hour, then had dinner and went to my yoga class for the last time – it was a really great class, I met with my pal Aaron who I have got to know in the class and said my goodbyes to Keshavha who teaches the class – I have learned so much from him during these classes and I hope to continue with hatha yoga when I get home. This has been another very positive aspect of my stay here.

I came back and did a lot of packing up of things in the portent – I have so much stuff here I think I will need three bags plus my cabin bags to get me home. Just two more days here now and then a couple of days staying at the Smyklas before I leave for home.


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