Tuesday 21st March 2017

Today I spent the day working at home.. I went for a run and a swim in the sea and then a walk along the beach, then cane back and had breakfast before settling down to work on the laptop. I completed the first draft of chapter 4 of my book today, focusing on the impact that Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles was having on re-engaging gang members. It is over 10,000 words long and will need to be seriously edited after Karen and Alan go away. However, for now I am happy I have got this far with it and will come back to it in a few weeks’ time.

I spent some time late afternoon in the sun and then we all went out for a meal to a restaurant in Boca that I had never been to before – Applebees. the food was quite nice there, and I was interested to find a red Lambourghini parked outside when we left! we came back home via the local gas station where Karen managed to get Alan’s favourite ice cream here – dipping dots.

we came back to the villa and I read some of my book I have started reading before bed. I have about one week to go in work until I hopefully can take a two week break, having arranged for the students to do independent study on the first wednesday of April.

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