Tuesday 24th January 2017

Today I began the day by arriving in at the office at 7.45am. I had coffee with my good colleague Sigal who is in the office next door to me. we had a really great chat about teaching, research and family life. It is good to be able to catch up informally with people and I am finding everyone in the School so friendly, supportive and energetic.

I worked today on the second chapter of my new book and managed to get a complete draft completed. I had coffee later in the morning with John at Starbucks and we went to the bank together to see how quickly I can get my bank account set up once I have my social security card (which I hope will arrive any day now). It will take no time to the get the account set up, but the bank debit card will not arrive until a week after the account is set up according to the bank teller.

I went back to the office and finished what I was doing then skyped home. Alan had just finished his homework and was enjoying eating his pasta! He said that he and mum are getting on just like ‘two peas in a pod’ but I think there was a bit of sarcasm there! Later on I went over and got lunch – there are so many good places to choose from on this campus and today I had a wrap and a smoothie. I enjoyed the relaxing walk back across campus in the blazing sunshine, surrounded by the greenery of palm trees and the students walking and skateboarding around campus. I couldn’t help thinking what an honour it is for me to be here doing this scholarship – it is very evident to me that John has really shaped the ethos of the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice very carefully through the staff he has appointed – they are all so energetic, friendly and supportive of each other, and I am flattered that John clearly felt that I would fit in to the group. It is a big complement to me.

I finished up work at 4pm and walked back over and sat at the pool outside my apartment for a while to enjoy the last of the sun. I then went upstairs and had a Skype call with my mum – it was great to see her and chat, although her web cam clearly needs adjusting because I could hardly see her!

I then had tea and did work on the review of an article and revisions on a PhD thesis I had examined in Scotland.

Today I also received a parcel – a full sized poster of the TV series ‘The Wire; which now hangs above my desk in my office!

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