Tuesday 25th April 2017

Today I went to LA Fitness and did my leg workout. I chatted to my pal Pete and we arranged to swap email addresses to stay in touch – he leaves Florida next week to go back to Boston. I then left and drove up to West Palm Beach for my final visit to the WPB PD. I met with the Chief, Sarah Mooney, who I had never met before. I did an interview with her and got photos taken with her. It was great to meet with her and hear her views about community policing and the innovative work she is trying to promote, and which I have seen in many forms during my work with the department over the last few months.

I left the police department, stopped off and got some soup and then went back in the car to Boca. I walked across campus to the office and spent the afternoon working again on student essays. I also had a good chat with John. I walked back over at 4.45 and went down and sat at the pool for q while while my rice was cooking to go with the chilli I had made in the crock pot.

After dinner I went for a stroll round the campus, it was such a beautiful evening. I walked all round the stadium where Alan and I had visited, and walked across to the social science building and back. It is is true to say that you really start to appreciate things even more when you know you are losing them – I just feel very relaxed now, knowing that I have achieved everything I came here to do and am beginning to really realise how much of a wrench it will be to leave this beautiful place and all the people I have met and the routines I have established. But, on the other hand it will be good to be back with my family in a ‘normal life and to see Scotland again and at least it will be coming into summer when I come home. I certainly think I came here at the right time – the weather is now getting very humid here and with that comes more rain – there has been rain most days at some point for the past 10 days, apart from today. January – mid-April definitely seems to be the best time for weather here.

I came back to the apartment and did some more work before bedtime.

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