Tuesday 28th March 2017

Today I went to work until about 3pm, working on getting finished with everything before my 2 week break. I had a Skype call with one of my PhD students in Scotland followed by a Skype call with Kate Miller and colleagues from different parts of Europe who are participating in the Erasmus+ project we have funding for, and who are currently in Slovenia. I then worked on getting my class prepared for 12th April exam script ready and everything else finished off.

I left work at 3 and went to Walmart to get some stuff for Karen then drove back to the villa and helped to do a bit of cleaning up and then got changed before the Smyklas came. They arrived at 5.30 and we had a cocktail and then a meal. John and Evelyn brought a toy drone for Alan which he really liked and played with outside afterwards. It was a a lovely evening.

Tomorrow Karen and Alan will come onto campus with me and will come into my class for a while before I finish for holidays.

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