Tuesday 31st January 2017

Today I had to drive up to West Palm Beach unexpectedly because I had left my research diary in the police department and wanted to work on some of my notes today. I was there and back in an hour and took up some Scottish shortbread and fudge to the guys for the help they have been giving me. I had a good laugh with them when I went in – they just love the fact that I am Scottish and it leads to a lot of banter.

I drove back down the road and went into the School for 9.30. I worked on various things today like my class for next week, my research notes and began analysing the data I have from Los Angeles for the next two chapters of my book. I was talking to Cassandra, one of my colleagues, who has invited us all to go to her house this Sunday evening for a ‘Superbowl’ party. I also chatter to Lincoln and Seth and Vaughn about how my research is going with the police – they are all great guys and feel like really close colleagues to me after only a month. The School has an open door policy – everyone keeps their office doors open, drops in and out of each other’s rooms and chat – and there are regular social events, so the ethos of the School is really positive and relaxed as a result. John was around today and he and Audrey (the school secretary) are still trying to get HR to sort out my registration now that I have my social security number, in order to get my an FAU email address. These things always take time in universities!

I left around 5.15 and walked back across campus with Vaughn. Then I had something to eat then went to Publix to get some groceries. I had run low on things and so managed to stock up the fridge and cupboards again! I then did some work again before bed time.

My journey here has reached a bit of a milestone today – I have reached the end of January and tomorrow will be exactly 4 weeks since I arrived. My goodness, how much I have done, seen and learned in that time.

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