Visit from prospective new Prof

Friday 20th January 2017:

This morning I had an early start to get into work at 7am to have a Skype call with Kate Miller at UWS and the team working with us on our Erasmus+ grant from Italy, Finland, Denmark and Slovenia. The Skype call lasted almost two hours, and it was strange to be sitting in the USA talking to colleagues in all these different parts of Europe. Then we had a visitor to the School today – Nadine Connell was here as a candidate for Assistant Professor, and I met her first of all at lunch and then individually at 1.30, along with my other colleague Will. We heard about her research interests and got to know her. In the afternoon Nadine then gave a full seminar on her research to all of us in the School, and since it was Friday afternoon cheese and wine was provided. It was interesting to experience the rigorous recruitment process for new Professorial staff – a very different process from the one we have in Scotland, where candidates come and spend the day in the department, and the staff all get to know them, hear about their work and meet with them socially. Various colleagues met her at breakfast and dinner, and she also had a full interview with senior management.

I thought it was a very good idea to hold a seminar on Friday afternoon with cheese and wine – this brought the School staff together and it was a very nice social experience. John, Lincoln and I then went for cocktails and dinner with Nadine to the Farmer’s Table. Nadine is currently working at the University of Texas in Dallas and does a lot of work on school violence and it was nice to meet with her.

Today, one of the Faculty members in the School brought a spare toaster in for me so that’s going to be a big help to me and will save me cooking bread in the oven!

I managed to miss the televised Presidential inauguration today. It is an interesting time being here when all of this is going on the background and I have met quite a range of different viewpoints among people on Trump!

I left the restaurant tonight and went to Publix to get a few groceries in.

Tomorrow is to be a very sunny day so I intend to go to the beach for part of it!

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