Wednesday 26th April 2017

Today I began work at 9am and spent time finishing off the marking of graduate essays and preparing my final lecture to be held next week.

At 11am I went to class and today’s session was purely focused on the undergraduate students making their final presentations – they were all excellent and they all got very good marks. I went for coffee with the graduate students and then went back to the office and finished off entering all the student grades into the Canvas system.

I then had a visit from David, who is a corrections and probation officer and who I had arranged to interview as part of my research. This took about an hour. Then I invited John Smykla to come over to my apartment and have food with me – I made him some pasta, peppers and onions and a pasta sauce and I had the rest of my chilli. Then we strolled back and attended the presentations by our Capstone students along with several other Faculty. These are graduate students who do a community outreach project with research attached to it instead of doing a dissertation. The presentations were great and focused on community issues as wide and varied as supporting the elderly against scams, preventing cruelty to animals and supporting youth. Several of my own graduate students were in the class presenting.

I walked back over to my apartment at 8.45pm.

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