Wednesday 29th March 2017

Well, I can hardly believe that the end of March is nearly here and I have been in the USA now for exactly 13 weeks. How time has flown in. Today another milestone in my journey came along when it was Karen and Alan’s turn to come into FAU and come to class with me. we drove to FAU in two cars and parked just outside my apartment building. I took them to the main breezeway cafe area and left them to get some food while I went over to the office to meet with Vaughn and Seth and give them an update on my research and for us to begin to plan a paper together. I then went to get Karen and Alan and brought them over to the School, introducing them to Cassandra, Sigal, Seth and Audrey and to meet Lincoln and Vaughn again. they saw my office and we had some photos taken.

Just before 11am we went over to the class. Today’s session was on schools and the education system and the relationship with youth violence and disorder. I introduced the topic with some background slides and then students went into seminar groups to look at case studies. Karen joined one of the groups and chatted to them while Alan was drawing in the corner! I then got Karen to take a photo of me wit the whole class which was nice. We had a really nice morning and then at break I walked Karen and Alan back, passing some of the iguanas at the pond en route. I then taught the second half of the class where we looked at some of my research in Glasgow schools and we thought about how schools can become more democratic and uphold the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. I introduced the students to the independent work they are expected to do next week and prepared them for the exam and group projects in two weeks time.

After this I finished off work and left at 4.45 – it is now time for me to have 2 weeks off to spend with family which is nice. I celebrated by having a gin and tonic in the hot tub! we had our tea and relaxed. Gino has now gone on holiday so this means his large boat is gone and there is a much clearer view of the bay in front of us and there is also more room on the terrace which is good.

Now looking forward to some holiday times…

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