Wednesday 3rd May 2017

I had breakfast this morning in the apartment and then put all of the crisps, juices and cookies etc that I had bought and some that were left over from last evening into boxes and loaded them into the car to share with the students today in the final class.

I drove over to the school and unloaded everything into the conference room. I then did a few things in the office and then asked Lincoln to help me to carry the boxes over the the classroom. There was a small turnout of students today – only 16 came. I had given an incentive to them by telling them they could earn 5 additional final points towards their grades if they came to the final class and engaged in discussion. The final session was one where I shared aspects of my research methods that I have used during my ethnographies in Scotland, the USA, Denmark and Hong Kong. I shared the ethical and moral dilemmas I have come across and the journeys I have gone on. We broke for discussion and for crisps, juice, cookies etc a couple of times and had an informal, relaxed discussion today – all the students work has been graded and so today was simply a final session that was for their interest. One of the graduate students, Amanda, had brought in a cake for me (birthday cake/going away cake) and Samantha also presented me with some gifts on behalf of the graduate students – an FAU t-shirt, a Florida mug and gyring and a lovely card. We all said our goodbyes and quite a few of the students came up to personally thank me for all they had learned from me which was so nice. I will see Lisa, Daniele and some of the graduate students one more time when Daniele has everyone over to her house this Saturday evening. It has been such a pleasure teaching this class and I will miss these students!

I left there, went and closed my bank account and withdrew the last of the cash and then visited the library – somewhere I had not been before. I wanted to see if my books were on the shelf and I was horrified to see they were not! I spoke to the librarian who takes responsibility for criminal justice and he is going to order copies of them in for the ‘Fall’. The students all purchased my books from the bookshop but I really wanted to ensure they were in the library too.

I went back to the office and entered all the final grades for my students into the Gradebook system online – all of them passed, and a good number got A’s and B’s. I finished off the final edits for the 3 books chapters I have written while here and left at 5pm. I went back and had dinner then went to my final bible study group at ┬áBoca Raton church. This evening was a really good session led by a pastor I had not seen before focused on self-control, and then Bob led our study group afterwards as usual. I said goodbye to the guys there who have been in my group and we swapped email addresses. My time in this church and in the study group has been a real blessing while I have been here.┬áBob said a prayer for me for my return to Scotland, and I also told him that my friend David Ferguson had sadly passed away last week after a long battle with cancer – as a group we remembered David’s wife Lorna and the 4 Ferguson boys in our prayers.

I left and went in search of Total Wines store to try and get some boxes to pack things into but I was unable to find it – I will need to try tomorrow again.


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